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Traditional Flavours and Memories Jigarthanda’s Forever Charm. 

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Sweet Tales of The Jigarthanda Specialists!

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda, a brand that has been cherished by locals and tourists alike, has a remarkable journey that began in 1977 when our founder, P. Sheik Meeran, started as a street vendor selling chilled milk cream. Over time, this simple treat transformed into the iconic beverage known as Jigarthanda. Under the visionary leadership of our father Beer Mohammed, we elevated this unique drink into a beloved Madurai beverage. People of Madurai fell in love with our signature drink, and word of mouth turned it into an icon in Madurai. We then embarked on a mission to expand our reach beyond Madurai.

Our Unique Flavor Factors

From Madurai with Love: A Taste Unmatched!
Purely Natural & Truly Authentic
45+ Years of Timeless & Traditional Flavor
Daily Delight for Millions of Customers
300+ Franchises
Empowering Over 1500+ Farmers

We use quality Milks to make our unique Ingredients

Our team’s determination and support from people led to the opening of branches and the introduction of franchising, making our beverage accessible to a wider audience. This led to the establishment of our world’s first Jigarthanda production unit. This move was not only about meeting the growing demand but also ensuring the highest standards of hygiene for our products. Our most remarkable achievement was establishing the world’s first Jigarthanda production unit in 2019, a testament to our customers’ unwavering belief in us. We also obtained GST and HSN recognition for our unique product, underscoring our dedication to its global recognition and protection.

Today, Madurai Famous Jigarthanda stands as a beacon of innovation and achievement. With quality, hygiene, and taste as our core principles, we have rapidly expanded, amassing over 300 franchises in just three years, all thanks to the enduring appeal and exceptional quality of our one-of-a-kind beverage.

The Jigarthanda People

Saleem Zahir Hussain is another director. His responsibilities include managing and making important decisions for the business. He contributes to the overall management and success of Madurai Famous Jigarthanda.

Sheik Meeran is the founder of Famous Jigarthanda. He is the driving force behind the establishment of our brand.
Aashik Meeran is one of the directors. His role involves overseeing various aspects of the business, such as operations, management, and expansion. He plays a key role in the shop’s continued success and growth.

Jefferey Norton

Senior Barista

Fred Goldman


Will Paterson​


Jefferey Norton

Senior Barista

Anita Jones


Dan Paterson​


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support more farmers aiding in growth and sustainability in agriculture. We are dedicated to enabling individuals to become successful business owners, providing them with guidance. We have committed ourselves to becoming a trusted and reputable brand among our customers and serving them with the finest and healthiest products available.

Our vision is to take our brand globally, ensuring that people all around the world experience the taste of Jigarthanda and opening more franchises across the globe, making this beloved beverage accessible to everyone. Our goal is to unite people through a shared appreciation for this unique and refreshing drink creating a global community of Jigarthanda enthusiasts.

The Art of Jigarthanda Making!

  • Milk Procurement

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda LLP procures fresh milk directly from farmers through our networks. Our collaboration with these farmers not only guarantees the highest quality milk but also helps in economic empowerment within the community. 

  • Processing

After acquiring the necessary ingredients for our delightful Jigarthanda, an important step in our process involves quality testing and inspections. Our team of professionals conducts these procedures, to maintain the utmost quality standards in all our products.
  • Distribution and Logistics

We maintain an efficient cold-chain storage network to guarantee that our customers enjoy the freshest Jigarthanda every day. In addition, we’ve established an efficient logistics and distribution system for our Jigarthanda products, ensuring fresh products are available at all our outlets daily.

Our Quality Promise

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda LLP is dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality in all our products. We achieve this by,

Complying with all statutory and legal obligations ensures an ethical operation.
Following good manufacturing practices guarantees the quality and safety of our products.
Adhering to standard operating procedures ensures consistency and efficiency in our production.
Regularly reviewing processes allows us to continuously improve and maintain our high-quality standards.

Stats That Sweeten Our Journey

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