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Benefits of Madurai Famous Jigarthanda

Madurai Famous Jigarathanda


Jigarthanda, a beloved South Indian beverage, is not just a delicious treat for your taste buds but also offers a range of health benefits. This drink is known for its natural coolants like almond gum and nannari syrup and is perfect to drink at any time you like. Beyond its refreshing taste, Jigarthanda can aid you with good fats and relieve constipation. Get to know more about the benefits of Madurai Famous Jigarthanda from here.

What is Jigarthanda?

Jigarthanda is a delicious drink from the southern part of India. The name can be translated to “cool heart” in English. It is a good all-season drink loved by everyone, thanks to the ingredients used in making it. Some of the basic ingredients are as follows, 

  • Almond gum
  • Full cream milk 
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Nannari Syrup 
  • Khoya/Mawa/paal Kova

When these ingredients are mixed at the perfect proportions, you can enjoy the coolest and sweetest drink you have ever had in your life. Nowadays there are many Madurai Famous Jigarthanda outlets near you from where you can enjoy Jigarthanda at any time you like. 

What is Jigarthanda Good For?

Jigarthanda is a drink with natural coolants like almond gum and nannari syrup that can help you enjoy your day.  Jigarthanda can make you feel refreshed without the need for artificial ingredients. It’s a normal day drink that you can have at any time you like on any day.

Is Jigarthanda Good for Health?

Yes, Jigarthanda is good for health. It can improve the immune system and help in digestion. The specially made nannari syrup has good medical values and badam pisin can act as a natural coolant and help you keep your body and mind cool at all times.

How Many Calories Are There in 1 cup of Jigarthanda?

For approximately 250-300 ml serving of Jigarthanda has 300 – 400 calories. It is difficult to determine the overall calories of Jigarthanda due to the different ingredients added to it. A glass of Jigarthanda comes with a good amount of fat and proteins. 

What are the Benefits of Madurai Famous Jigarthanda?

All the benefits of Jigarthanda come from the ingredients that are used in it. The different ingredients used in making a Jigarthanda and its benefits are as follows, 

  • Almond gum: It is a home remedy to reduce body heat and can also treat digestive issues like ulcers, stomach burns, diarrhea, and acidity. It contains carbohydrates, and when consumed with milk it helps in refreshing your body.
  • Full cream milk: The source of calcium and minerals can help you to boost immunity. Potassium in the milk can help you maintain blood pressure. Vitamin B12 can help you have healthy red blood cells and nerve tissues. And, Vitamin A is good for the skin and boosts immunity. 
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: Usually, ice creams can stimulate the thrombotic hormone, which helps you feel happy and reduces stress levels in your body. The L-tryptophan present in ice cream can also help you in relaxing your nervous system.
  • Nannari Syrup: The syrup from Sarsaparilla root has a lot of health benefits. It acts as a body coolant and helps purify your blood. It can also cure constipation, and urinary infections and helps in digestion. The medical properties of nannari syrup can help you lose weight and get glowing skin. 
  • Khoya/Mawa/paal kova: The condensed form of milk with high calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K nutrients, essential for your bone health. For a good immune system and healthy hair and skin, paal kova can be consumed. You can also strengthen your bones and teeth with this calcium-rich ingredient in Jigarthanda.

You can enjoy it whenever you like, it can be very beneficial to you. I would recommend you to take Jigarthanda whenever you feel down or happy, just enjoy all the benefits offered by Madurai Famous Jigarthanda and make your day.


Madurai Famous Jigarthanda offers a range of health benefits thanks to its diverse ingredients. This cooling drink helps in body heat reduction and provides relief from scorching weather. With just a cup of Jigarthanda, you can have the essential energy needed to complete the day.  Go with your friends, families, or loved ones it can be a delightful way to enjoy it. The unique flavors add up with its health benefits making it the best drink that you can have.

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