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Madurai Famous Jigarthanda - The Taste of Madurai

Famous Jigarthanda - The taste of madurai


Even if you’re not a Maduraian by birth, nobody could resist falling in love with Madurai after exploring its culture, foods, people, and especially Jigarthanda!  We’ve known many such people who fell for Madurai’s culture and its goodness after visiting it just once and especially after tasting the Madurai famous Jigarthanda. Madurai, a town filled with traditional charm, is not just famous for its temples but also for its lip-smackingly delicious food. 

The Fame of Madurai:

The culinary platter in Madurai offers a variety of unique dishes that will tickle your taste buds. Among some of the must-try goodness of Madurai, there are Mutton Dosa, Viraal Meen Kuzhambu (Butterfish curry), and the intriguingly, fun-named Famous Jigarthanda. This refreshing drink is the perfect way to chill out after a tiring tour and to end your culinary journey in Madurai, leaving a lasting and cherishable impression on Madurai.

Why is Famous Jigarthanda So Popular?

Today, the tale of Jigarthanda, a drink with a mysterious history serves to be heartwarming when known about its roots. Made with tempting ingredients like almond resin, China grass, Sarsaparilla syrup, chilled milk, sugar, cream, and basundi, Jigarthanda is a flavorful blend that promises to cool your soul and stomach from within, especially during Madurai’s piping hot and dry summers. But how did this drink find its way into Madurai’s culinary] history, a place steeped in tradition? Keep reading to know that.

But Do We Know How It Started?

The origins of Jigarthanda remain a mystery (Just like the existence of aliens)  Did it arrive in Madurai with the Mughals in the late 1600s, or did it journey from Hyderabad with Muslim settlers in the 1800s, spreading its comforting goodness across Tamil Nadu? Nobody Nose!  The exact timeline may baffle us, but what we do know is its high popularity and the best place to enjoy it – Famous Jigarthanda, located on East Marret Street.

Famous Jigarthanda, a food haven with a whopping 38-year history, still pulls the crowd through its taste. Sheik Meeran, the mastermind behind this tasty joint from Aaraampannai near Tirunelveli, kicked off this flavor-packed journey. Now, his son, Beer Mohammed, is steering the ship. Sheik Meeran, the OG foodie entrepreneur, dished out ice cream in the AM and Famous Jigarthanda in the PM like a day-long food party that just won’t quit! And guess what? This tradition is still going strong, pulling in crowds like a foodie magnet.

So, if you’re all about incredible flavors and always up for an adventure exploring them, Famous Jigarthanda is the place to be!

What makes Famous Jigarthanda stand out?

Perhaps it’s the secret ingredient – basundi – added at the end by Sheik Meeran himself. This delightful addition gives the drink a unique richness and depth, and quite a pleasantly weird texture that pushes you to take the next sip as soon as you gulp one, elevating it to legendary status. Over the years, Madurai Famous Jigarthanda LLP has become synonymous with quality and authenticity, becoming a trademark of Madurai and Jigarthanda, much like Moti Mahal for butter chicken or Maggi for noodles.

As you step into Famous Jigarthanda on East Marret Street, you will be greeted by the pleasant aroma of the rich, creamy, and sweet flavor of Jigarthanda. This place serves not only the classic Jigarthanda but also an innovative style of food, the Jigarthanda ice cream. Each sip or spoonful says the story behind the time-honored recipes and the passion that goes into crafting every serving. Even if you wanna taste its richness from Coimbatore, try it from Madurai Famous Jigarthanda LLP near Haribhavanam Hotel, ATT Colony, Gopalapuram.

The Secret Ingredient for Success:

The success of Famous Jigarthanda lies not just in its delectable and yummy ingredients but in the sense of nostalgia it evokes. Locals and tourists alike flock to this iconic spot, seeking respite from the sweltering Madurai heat and a taste of the past since Jigarthanda from MFJ serves the most authentic flavored Jigarthanda from around Madurai and Coimbatore. And, love is also the sweetest secret ingredient added by them since they are serving it with the passion of taking its rich cultural history all around the Globe. 

Now, It's Your Turn!

In a world that keeps switching things up according to the trends (especially food trends), Famous Jigarthanda stays put like a foodie rock. It’s where old-school meets new cool, turning a basic drink into Madurai’s flavor superstar. So, if you happen to be in this awesome town of Madurai, now it is your turn to taste the tradition of Madurai. Don’t skip sipping on a glass of Famous Jigarthanda at the famous spot on East Marret Street. Both your stomach and heart will thank you later!

Wanna Share its Goodness?

If you’re thinking about starting a business in the food and beverage industry, opening a Jigarthanda franchise would be one of the best options to carry the taste of Madurai to your people, and the best part about this is you’ll get full guidance and support for it, from the original Madurai Famous Jigarthanda Brand. Contact MFJ LLP or click here to fill out this form to get further information about Jigarthanda Franchise Enquiry and become an entrepreneur, sharing the taste of Tradition.

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