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Madurai Famous Jigarthanda - Perfect Drink for Summer

Madurai Famous jigarthanda


Have you tasted the divine flavor of jigarthanda under the scorching sun of summer? I have, and it’s been the best experience of my life. The cold and sweet jigarthanda from Madurai made the summer more enjoyable. Madurai jigarthanda is the perfect drink for all your days that’s a fact that can’t be changed. Have you tried Madurai’s Famous Jigarthanda? Not yet? Then you are missing out on your summer fun. Here are some things that add to the fact that Jigarthanda is the perfect summer drink.

Why should I have Jigarthanda during Summer?

Jigarthanda is a milk-based cooling drink emerging from Madurai. The ingredients used in making jigarthanda have properties that can cool your body. From the first sip of jigarthanda, you can feel your body cooling down from the summer heat. Additionally, it also has other health benefits adding more points to why you should have one during summer.

Why Jigarthanda is Perfect for Summer Drink?

Who needs a reason to enjoy a good summer drink after long hours of hard work? But, if you need a reason here is why jigarthanda is the perfect drink for summer.

  • Ingredients added in jigarthanda like badam pisin and nannari syrup have natural coolant properties that can help you beat the summer heat. 
  • Made from the best ingredients it has a refreshing sweet taste and rejuvenates your energy to complete your long summer days.
  • You are also getting the necessary hydration required to face the sun.

Jigarthnda is not just a cooling drink, it is also a cultural symbol. Some famous jigarthanda in Madurai offer way more than jigarthanda, they also provide you with kulfi made up of the same ingredients adding extra coolness to get through the summer.

History of Jigarthanda | The Perfect Summer Drink

Jigarthanda originated from Madurai in Tamil Nadu and started in a small shop at South Masi Street junction by Amanullah and his three brothers. It becomes more famous during summer seasons making it the perfect summer drink for everyone. 

The word Jigarthanda is the perfect name for this drink because the word jigarthanda means heart and thanda means cool. The name itself tells you why Jigarthana is the perfect drink for your hot days. 

The Ingredients

Every ingredient used in jigarthada is quite unique. These ingredients are mixed in perfect proportions to make the best Madurai jigarthanda. Here is the list of ingredients that make Jigarthanda the perfect summer drink.

  • Almond Gum/Badam Pisin/Badam Gondh
  • Full cream milk
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Nannari Syrup
  • Khoya/Mawa/paal kova

Badam Pisin is an anti-oxidant and a coolant adding the necessary coolness to the jigarthanda. This is soaked overnight and then added to the drink. And with vanilla ice cream and full-cream milk, jigarthanda becomes a cool and healthy summer drink.

How Madurai Jigarthanda is Served During Summers?

Are you on your way out? Has the summer heat made you dry? Just find a Jigarthanda shop near you and get there. Order the biggest size of jigarthanda that the shop offers and wait for it. Here is what happens behind the scenes,

  • A big glass filled with a spoonful of overnight water-soaked badam pisin.
  • Generous amounts of nannari syrup and paal kova are added to the bottom.
  • Cold full cream milk is poured and mixed with all the ingredients together.
  • Sugar syrup and two full scoops of vanilla ice cream are added to the top.

You will be served this delight with a spoon to enjoy the taste. You can start with the ice cream and take your time drinking the masterfully made jigarthanda Want an extra scoop? Just ask for it. After finishing you will never go to try other summer drinks out there.


Make your summer cool with a sip of Madurai Famous Jigarthanda and get the energy to make it through the season. Since you can find famous jigarthanda shops near you easily you can get there and have a lavishing cool drink and smile back at the summer. Other than this make sure to be dehydrated and don’t get heat strokes, if you think you are very thirsty you can always get a jigarthanda. It can hydrate you and make you feel energetic in this fierce summer heat. 

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