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Top 5 Drinks For Your Date Night

Drinks For Your Date Night


Getting a date (A real one, not from Priya Sweeties or Riya Kannas) is already a tough enough job these days, so we understand that you can’t risk messing it up by choosing the bad place or drink and missing the spark. Fear not, we have you covered with the top 5 drinks that will go perfectly with your date, who knows, she might like you just for your awesome taste in drinks.

Red Wine - The Super Star Drink

For a date night that’s as smooth as Prabhu Deva’s dance moves, red wine is your go-to. It’s the Rajinikanth of drinks—effortlessly classy, stylish, and always a crowd-pleaser. Pour yourself a glass, let it breathe, and watch the conversation flow finely like a Gulab Jamun sliding down your throat. But, a word of advice: red wine stains are trickier to remove than getting an actual date (Millennial Mournings). Be cautious about that to avoid any unexpected spills (unless it’s not your plan to take her to a hotel to freshen up & for a quick romance)  and ensure your night unfolds with grace. Cheers to a night worth saying it as a ‘how I met your mom’ story to your kids!

Masala Chai - To Spice Up Things

Feeling a bit daring on your date night? Guessing you are, (coming on a date in India, is daring itself) say goodbye to the ordinary and try masala chai. Especially if she’s a desi chic, she’s gonna be as impressed as witnessing a green flag for the first time in her life 😉  Masala Chai delivers warmth and a touch of spice that’s as unexpected as a plot twist in a rom-com. The spices join the party like uninvited guests (as long as they don’t disturb your privacy), adding a dash of intrigue to your cup. And here’s the kicker: those aromatic spices might just set the mood for a night that’s spicier than a Korean web series. So, next date night, meet your spicy mate!

Jigarthanda - South Indian Sweetheart

For a unique twist, go for Jigarthanda. And if you wanna impress her on the very first date, Jigarthanda is a must! Hailing from South India (Madurai), this Famous Jigarthanda drink is as cool as MS Dhoni-literally!  It’s a rich and creamy blend of milk, almond gum, basundi, and a scoop of ice cream. Think of it as a cold hug that lingers. Just make sure your date isn’t lactose intolerant, or your romantic evening might turn into a comedy of errors, but who knows, that comic could actually bring you both closer. After all, a date night without a good dose of humor is like a love movie without Ilayarajas Music—entertaining but missing that magic!

Caribeno Cocktail for the Tropical Vibes

Craving a taste of the tropics? Caribeno Cocktail is a must-try (Unless your date isn’t from a strict desi background, iykyk) It’s like a Caribbean vacation in a glass. Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream dance together like a well-coordinated annual day dance (Alexa, play nannare nannare). Sip, close your eyes, and let the tropical breeze transport you to an imaginary island where to work, studies and traffic jams are but a distant memory.

Champagne Cocktail For The Freebirds

When in doubt, pop the bubbly! A Champagne Cocktail is the pinnacle of romance. It’s like a confetti explosion in your mouth. The bubbles? Oh, they’re like the witty friend who tickles your senses, making each sip a celebration, almost as lively as a cricket stadium during an India-Pakistan match. But hold on – don’t let the cork be the surprise guest in your date night drama since no one wants a date night turned into an unexpected game of dodgeball.

So, there you have it—the top 5 drinks to make your date night, unforgettable (in a good way). Whether you opt for the classic red wine, the adventurous masala chai, the cool Jigarthanda, the tropical Caribeno Cocktail, or the celebratory Champagne Cocktail, remember to have a good hearty time with your loved one. Cheers to a night filled with laughter, love, and the perfect sipper by your side! 

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