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Madurai Jigarthanda Reaches Mumbai For The First Time

Madurai Jigarthanda Reaches Mumbai For The First Time


Everyone who had a taste of Jigarthanda knows how it feels, the chill you get along with the sweetness and the healthiness of it. There are no words to explain it in words as the name of the drink itself brings the meaning to it, (Jigarthanda= heart+cool), making your heart cool. From being only enjoyed by the people of Madurai to having 10,000+ people having a sip of Jigarthanda daily, Madurai Famous Jigarthanda LLP has made it possible. Now reaching out to Mumbai to share the taste of Madurai to its locals. 

Jigarthanda: From Madurai To Mumbai

Madurai has been the base for Jigarthanda, even before Mumbai was Bombay. Jigarthanda started its journey in 1977 from the hands of P. Sheik Meeran and it took 47 years to reach Mumbai. Being one of the 300+ Madurai Famous Jigarthanda franchises it’s the first time opening an outlet on the north of India. A notable benchmark in the history of Jigarthanda, making it available to people who have never had a taste of it. 

This is all possible with the hard work of many under the direction of 3rd generation Jigarthanda family members, Aashik Meeran along with his brothers, Saleem Zahir Hussain the eldest, and Mohammad Bilal the youngest. With a production unit and a compact supply chain, the process of bringing Jigarthanda to the people of Mumbai was made easier. 

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda In Mumbai

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda In Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that is vibrant with a lot of tastes with its numerous street foods. As there may be many street foods, no one has tasted the jigarthanda of Masi Street. “Even though it’s an everyday common drink for the people of Madurai, it might not be the same to the people of Mumbai.” that’s what I thought. But, what’s surprising is that jigarthanda became so popular that every day the batches prepared were cleared before the closing time, sometimes even during mid-days.

Madurai Famous Jigarthanda is not just a drink in Mumbai, it is a bridge for cultural exchange. Mumbai people can now enjoy the traditional drink of Madurai which is all thanks to Madurai Famous Jigarthanda.

Here is how Madurai Famous Jigarthanda entered Mumbai,

Where Is Madurai Famous Jigarthanda In Mumbai?

In Mumbai, you can indulge in the coolest drink from Madurai at Shop No. 5, Raj Antila, Poonam Garden Rd, near S. K. Stone, Beverly Park, Mira Road East, Mumbai, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107.

It’s close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and closer to Vasal Creek. So, why not stop by and have a Jigarthanda? And, whenever you are on Poonam Garden Road don’t miss out on Jigarthanda, as it can help you cool down from the scorching heat.

Here are some heartfelt reviews from some of Mumbai’s Jigarthanda Lovers.


Madurai Famous Jigarthanda’s journey to Mumbai has been a remarkable success, bridging cultures and delighting taste buds. From its humble beginnings in Madurai to becoming a sensation in Mumbai, this traditional drink has won the hearts of thousands. Thanks to the hard work of Aashik Meeran and his brothers, Jigarthanda has found a new home in the bustling streets of Mumbai. So, next time you’re in the area, make sure to visit their outlet and experience the unique blend of sweetness and coolness that only Jigarthanda can offer.

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